IMEI CHANGER TOOL: Enough to have our iPhone doomed to a unique mobile phone operator; It’s time to unlock the IMEI and enjoy a mobile without obstructions. With this fabulous software called IMEI CHANGER TOOL  can be achieved in just a couple of minutes, so do not miss the opportunity and Download it for free here.

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Free imei changer tool online 

How to you know the IMEI of your iphone?

If we are locking to unlock an iPhone by imei free the first thing we have to do is know the imei of our mobile. In any method and especialy with this software we will need this number. Remember that the imei has 15 digits that make yor computer unique.


To determine which is the IMEI of your iPhone whatever the model, perfom the following steps:

1- Touch home screen settings.

Then press general and information and lock in the list where it pust IMEI.

2- When selecting imei then press the call button dialing *#06# and then the IMEI number will be displayed on the screen.

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Register the IMEI of your iDevice on the VPS Server online. Unlock iPhone Free Now

How to unlock you iPhone (steps)

1-Download the files in any of the following download options

2-Connect your iPhone and wait for itunes to recognize it to start the process

3-Load the HOST files to our VPS server online, this violates the security of APPLE and connects automatically to the server

4-Wait 5 to 10 minutes for the iPhone unlocking process to be properly.

5-Create a new Apple ID and enjoy your iPhone unlcker

The software we present below, is compatible with any Apple device such as iPhone, ipad and Mac This process y totally free and the server is available 24/7 and the best it is online. Download NOW VPS options:

Download option 1:

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